Fat Gripz. ANyone use them?

  1. Fat Gripz. ANyone use them?

    Hey all. Just ordered some of these puppies. Thought they may help week areas while im dieting down. Anyone have REAL experience with these?


  2. Use them sparingly at first as they take a heavy toll on the wrists. I started out using them on just warm-up sets or on sets of 15+ reps.
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  3. Cool man, thanks. Was planning on using them for like everything, but no, not so much!


  4. Just remember that you wont be able to handle the load you normally would. I would only use them once a week to start out because your grip takes more time to recover than other muscles, so it would be like training forearms every day of the week.

  5. Gotcha!



  6. Huge fan of these. There are many videos of me on YouTube using them! Here are some suggestions/thoughts.

    - Pulling movements are especially hard as you have no purchase towards the bottom of the handle at all.
    - Pushing movements don't tend to take so much of a drop. Bench presses and tricep work with bars can be very close to my weight without them.
    - The muscles that adduct the thumbs tend to struggle to begin with and can become very sore.
    - When doing something where you have to bring the weight into place like dumbbell bench presses or dumbbell overhead press you are going to need someone to pass them to you as getting the weight there in the first place is very hard if you are lifting in the heavier ranges.
    - Get a spotter. It is very easy to overestimate your abilities. I have seen people bench pressing on their first workout and the bar slows very suddenly. It is also quite common to drop the bar (although I have never seen this).
    - Once you get used to them your strength on the regular sized bars will have gone up nicely.

    Best of luck!

  7. Sweet man, Yeah I got a couple of training partners, so Im all set there


  8. Have them as well. got them as a father's day gift last year. follow Rodja's advice. start slowly, and also try them in different lifts where you see fit
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  9. Regular use on upper body exercise will make your rotator cuff bullet proof. Very very underrated.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ESG View Post
    Regular use on upper body exercise will make your rotator cuff bullet proof. Very very underrated.


  11. Some really good tips in this thread, I might wind up pullin the trigger on these myself.
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  12. ^^ Ordered mine last night after seeing this thread.

  13. Tried them at the Arnold a couple days ago, they had 197lbs on a 1 arm tbar and even with my big hands I couldn't lift it more than a half inch... For any counters I did dead the 2 210lb each kettlebells 25x at vince's booth. Fatgrips are ridiculously hard I might run pick some up so I don't make a fool of myself next year
    if only bc Big Ron is in my avatar

  14. Good thread, with good advice. I may grab these myself.

  15. Are they the same as wrapping towels around the bar like in prison ?


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