As an elective for college, I signed up for a weightlifting class. The class starts next week and I was wondering what to expect.....If anyone has taken a course like this, drop me a line or two. I was wondering if this class would help or hurt my current training program-any info appreciated!!!!

  2. Well chances are it is a very very very basic class. I would put my money on they just set you loose in the weight room with maybe a personal trainer or two for the whole class. I've no idea really but what I;ve seen of college so far is not looking good. If you've been lifting for awhile it will probably be a detriment, but you might learn new stuff if the teachers are legit, and I'm sure you could talk them into letting you do your own thing if they are idiots. It's an elective that you love so nothing wrong with it I've just seen tons of idiots in college gyms lol.

  3. I agree that it will be fairly basic, but luckily I know the instructor. She is a trainer at the gym that I belong to. She is a trainer/model that has her stuff toghether, but I haven't seen her in a few weeks. Who knows....I may learn something good!!

  4. my college weight class the teacher told us to show up sign in and just hangout for 30mins haha i wouldnt expect much man

  5. Hell, its a credit toward my degree-I have a feeling that it may be somewhat like your experience. I could still use the 30 min for a quick routine

  6. I instruct weight training classes at my school as a graduate assistant, and it's pretty much a waste if you lift consistently. I teach basic routines and exercises the first half, and then let them develop there own workouts the last half of the semester. If they don't let u just do ur own thing you'll prob be bored.


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