Help strengthen back!!!!

  1. Help strengthen back!!!!

    my major problem in lifting is my back and biceps, they have been at about the same strength for a year now, probably because im not squatting and deadlifting but still i should be gaining strength with these exercises:
    Lat Pulldowns ALL 3 to 4 sets
    Seated Rows
    DB Rows

  2. I think you answered your own question. If you want your back to grow then do deads. I'm pretty sure most elite bodybuilders do these two exercises.

  3. Sounds like you might need another free weight exercise. My routine that works for me is :
    Barbell rows or Dumbbell rows (if the dumbbells are big enough)
    Cable rows
    Lat Pulldowns

    It switches every now and then but deadlifts are generally the staple of most back routines.

  4. Pullups.

  5. 6-8 reps for all working sets
    T-Bar row for say 4 sets (2 warmups, 2 all out)
    Pullups 2 sets
    Chinups 1 set
    Bent-over rows 3 sets (2 overhand 1 underhand)
    Barbell/oly bar curls 2 sets
    Dumbbell curls 2 sets (hammer or rotating from hammer to regular)
    Horizontal rows: 2 sets
    Cable biceps: 2 sets

    That's a solid back/bicep day, trust me

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  6. For me, until recently, I always had weak lats. I couldn't do 1 pull up, and my V taper was more like a U taper. I did endless lat pulls, but I couldn't hit my lats hard enough with them. About six months ago, I started focusing on back width, mainly using the hammer lat machine and doing some assisted pull ups.

    On the hammer lat machine I started with just a 35 pound plate on each side, and in six months I progressed to 2 45s and a 25 on each side. I could feel the burn in my lats for the first time was like I discovered a new muscle group in my body. Now I can also do 5 pull ups in a row without assistance and theres also a defined V taper that was never there before.

    Maybe you just need to try different exercises until you find one that will hit YOUR muscles the best. Also I think that heavy compound back exercises such as pull ups and bent over rows spur growth in biceps. Biceps were designed mainly to assist with the back movements, not do isolated curls. I think your biceps will grow once your back starts growing again.

    You don't deadlifts.....why even lift weights ? I live to deadlift. My all time favorite exercise. Give em a chance man, you might like em.

    My back day:
    -Pull Ups
    -Bent Over Rows
    -Hammer Lat Pulls
    -Weighted Hyperextensions

    Good luck man.

  7. My back workout is switched between two routines each week, and is worked with biceps. I took my routine fro I.A.'s site. My back day looks like the following:

    Week 1:
    Pull-Ups (wide grip)- 4 sets
    Bentover Rows (barbell) - 3 sets
    Hammer Lat pulls - 2 sets

    Week 2:
    Pull-Ups (supinated grip, close/wide)- 4 sets
    T-Bar Rows - 2 sets
    Seated Cable Rows - 3 sets

    I go heavy, with reps in the area of 6-8. Pull-Ups are at 15 reps for the first set, and end at 8 reps on the last ( I don't have a belt to hook a weight on to). I use slow and controlled reps with the last pull-up being held at the top until I give out. I do Deadlifts every other week on leg day.


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