Cardio after training?

  1. Cardio after training?

    Hey guys i'm currently training for my first show this fall. It's time for me to start doing my cardio but I find that I have very little time to do my cardio in the morning on an empty stomach because I work long hours. Is it possible that cardio could be done after training without causing much muscle loss? Last time I did a cutting cycle I did high intensity cardio for about 15 minutes after training. I took a protein/carb shake after my weight training workout and took a 15 minute break. How effective do you think this is as far as burning fat and retaining muscle?

    Thanks for your help guys

  2. You can easily do cardio after weight training but do not do HIIT. You can do low intensity for 30-45 minutes then have your usual post workout meal/shake.
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  3. No problem following up lifting with aerobic training. With your concerns, a moderately intense cardio for 30-45 minutes following resistance work would probably be more beneficial than none at all. Actually what i do currently. 3-4 times a week.

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