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    This could go in either the MMA forum or here but i figured id get more here.
    I have a fight come april i need to only cut 10 more pounds which is a piece of cake. However i was wondering what training routine would be the best for my sport beside obviously circuit and cardio. Id like to be peak stregnth and explosion and cardio. Any suggestions??

  2. So about three plus full months before the fight.

    Assuming you've laid down the ground work, I would use a simple linear periodization to peak you for the fight.

    Break down your training like this

    Week 1-4: 60% strength, 20% power (explosive) 20% conditioning
    Week 5-8: 40% strength, 30% power, 30% conditioning
    Week 9-12: 25% strength, 60% power, 25% conditioning
    Week 13-14(1 week prior to match): 15% strength, 70% power, 15% conditioning

    And you are going from more general (squats/deadlifts for strength, cleans for power, HIIT intervals for conditioning) to more specific (plyometrics and unilateral snatches/cleans for power, and MMA specific drills for conditioning [take downs, kicks, punches, etc.]).


  3. I'm going to disagree with the above as that is asking for major burnout. Honestly, you should not expect to break any PRs going into this and I would recommend breaking your training into 4 week phases with the 4th week of each phase being a deload.

    As far as specifics go, that is impossible to say as there are many, many methods and philosophies. For what it's worth, I have a log that I started that is going over my training.
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  4. This is a weightlifting forum, so most of the answers on here will probably be 'best guess' responses that will burn you out. You need to spend the vast majority of your time focusing on your sport and technique. Any weightlifting should be kept to just a few movements that have a lot of bang for your buck. A few fighters I know are big fans of deadlifts and powercleans, the former for building strength and maintaining muscle, the latter for building explosive power. They do this, conditioning, and spar and not much else in terms of lifting.
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