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  1. Blood and Guts

    I just finished watching Dorian Yates' Blood ang Guts training video. Even though its almost 2:30 am I want to go lift harder than I ever before in my life. If you havent seen this video yet, its a must (and available on kazaa). This guy works out in his own ****ty little basement gym with equipment older than hell. He lifts huge weights with the most perfect form ive ever seen. Its truly an inspiration. I think id be as big as Dorian if i had his workout partner too. Id love to workout with with that big mofo screaming at me with an awesome british accent.

    Anyway, if you want to see some stellar form under extreme weight and get a little lesson on intensity then check it out. Its quite motivating...

  2. <DIV>Good stuff. Haven't seen it yet but I have heard that its good. I still love Pumping Iron as the quintessential classic.</DIV>

  3. Yeah I really liked pumping iron too, but it was more about their lives than their training. With blood and guts the whole video is just one week of training with dorian and his partner. They show each of his workouts in their entirety. Its pretty cool to watch.

  4. Looking forward to it, I will download it today.

  5. Gotta love it. Man that Irish training partner is nuts! When you first watch it, he's a little annoying, then you start to wish you had a guy like that with you sometimes. It does show Dorian's use of machines as well as free weight, which is unlike Ronnie, all free weight. A very good video, and a kickass basement gym!

  6. Always been pretty curious about this one... will have to check it out I guess. A little extra motivation (and a big screaming Irishman) never hurt.

  7. If you liked Blood and Guts, you should definitely go download Ronnie Coleman's Video Unbelievable off Kazaa. It's an awesome motivator, and I watch either that or Pumping Iron when I need some inspiration to lift. Lots of people on the Kazaa network have it so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

  8. Yeah ive seen Ronnie's video too. Its pretty kick ass. Im just not really a big fan of his though. He comes off as an ******* at times.


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