Fav inner chest exercise

  1. Fav inner chest exercise

    So, there are alot of different veiws and opinions on inner chest workouts. My question, is what have you found that works best for concentration on the inner chest with it being as little of a compound movement?

    The reason I am starting this is because some days when I really go hard on chest day, if I save cable crossovers untill the end I find I'm a bit tired and start feeling my arms doing alot of the work.

    I like flat bench flies but I think I might go to incline flies for a more focused movement. Sometimes I feel the flat flies work the outer chest area more.

    Also similar to close grip bench, but using dumbell. Range of movement limited to about half. So from arms fully extended to half then back up. I feel this gives more work to the inner and its very quick reps for alot of attention.

    I like getting ideas, expecially the not so common, the innovative, creative ways of exercising muscles.

  2. Dips
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    I've recently started setting the ring attachment on the cable at the low pulley and doing solo fly movements pressing upward and as far across my chest as possible. It's one of the best things I've found for really focusing on the inner chest.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Yes! I love dips! Gets my triceps, lower and inner chest pumped!!

    I also like to end with triangles supersetted with either peck deck or cable flies

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  5. I find its a bit hard anatomically speaking to actually target the inner or outer pecs.

    Your pec fibers run horizontal, and as such, you can't actually shift the emphasis from outter to inner like you can from upper to lower.




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