fat on my arms and increase olive oil intake

  1. fat on my arms and increase olive oil intake

    Hey guys I got two questions here:

    my bodyfat judging from my abs is around 10-12%, i can see the ridges quite well, its pretty defined
    looking at my arms, there are no veins showing, they have developed a lot more fat on them over the years... can pinch it quite easily, cant see the seperation between my triceps very well even tho its of good size; nor the seperation between my biceps and triceps on the underside of my arm very well; its just different bulges...
    i've got more fat on my arms and shoulders than I used to; which my stomach still has the same amount...
    whats going on here? any way to combat this other than cutting?

    also was curious if anyone had acne problems after increasing their intake of olive oil from none to 2-3 spoons a day (with my weightgainer shake)

  2. You could eaisly be hiding it in other places that you are not aware of


    ....but overall fat deposits around the arms is fairly easy to get rid of due to the recpetor makeup of the adipose tissue in that area (responds well to EC). You could attempt to gain LBM without putting on extra fat but it is a tough thing to accomplish if your diet is not dialed in properly. Other than that, you have to cut to lose the fat.
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