What do you all do for biceps?

  1. What do you all do for biceps?

    I had been doing EZ curls for a while until I read that they emphasize the brachioradialis muscles over the biceps. So I dropped the weight and started doing straight bar curls instead. I was curious about a few things though:

    Do you use anything to aid your form? Standing against a wall, spider/preacher bench, arm blaster, etc? If not do you lean forward a bit to allow your arms to extend fully at the bottom of each rep?

    Also is it better to only bring the bar up as much as you can while keeping your elbows pinned in at your sides, (meaning your forearms would be just a few inches above parallel) or should you move your elbows up a few inches at the end of each rep to bring the bar up further (I know that would bring shoulders into the movement, but would it add additional stress to the bicep as well?)?

    Sorry if these questions are redundant, but since I'm dropping the weight I thought I should go ahead and try to make my form as close to perfect as possible.


  2. My favorite excercises are straight bar curls, and any form of hammer curls. I think it's a must in your biceps training to hit the biceps brachi, and the brachialis, which these two excercises do very well. I've noticed the most growth ever in my biceps w/very low volume, somewhere in the 3 working set range.

    Instead of using things to aid form I prefer to just use a weight that allows me to naturally use good form.

    As far as the range of motion i think you want to constantly keep tension on the muscle. So imo you shouldn't bring your forearms past parallel at the top, and shouldn't completely straighten them out at the bottom. I try to keep my elbows from moving to far forward.

  3. My two favorite exercises are barbell curls and seated hammer DB curls. I've been experimenting with my biceps for years (literally) b/c the ****ers wouldn't grow. Once I started concentrating on my back, my arms started improving. Your body's strength is symetrical (within reason). You can't do pullups with 300 pounds around your waist if you curl with 25 lbs in each hand. It just doesn't happen. Some guys can go in and do 7-12 sets of every kind of curl and get them to grow...not me.

  4. [QUOTE=DieTrying]Once I started concentrating on my back, my arms started improving. QUOTE]

    Bump on that.

    I think that a lot of guys over train biceps b/c they get obsessed w/them. Look at the size of your arms in comparison to your legs. If you number of sets are the same or close there's probably a problem imo. I'm not saying that this is you just stating a point, and my personal opinion.

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