Workout ?

  1. Workout ?

    Do you guys do cardio first or after workouts? Whats the pro's and con's. I do my cardio first so I can just get it out of the way. Let me know what you all think. thanks

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    After. It conserves your energy for lifting and utilizes your pre-workout meal.

    I've also read where some find it more beneficial to split cardio and weight training, which I know isn't always an option.

    But I've done both ways and will always do cardio post-weights.
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  3. I do my cardio on off days, my cardio is very mild though. Otherwise what beast said Post workout. Save your energy for your lifts.
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  4. I do my cardio in the AM, before breakfast, almost daily. Its only 15-20 min on the eliptical, burning ~200 calories, so nothing major....just to wake up and get the metabolism going. On leg days I don't do any, tho.

  5. I train for speed, so I do my sprint training first then weight training later. Ideally, I like a 3-4hr break in between, but that doesn't always happen.

    If you are training for strength or hypertrophy, you should do cardio post workout (not including warm up). And you should also get something inside you before that cardio - Carbs + BCAA ideally.


  6. I do cardio post workout. I find that on legs day this prevents blood pooling and assists in nutrient delivery.

  7. After is better.

    If you do it first it uses up your energy and all of your lifts will be worse. Plus it puts your body in a higly catabolic state, which if you lift afterwards will be bad on your muscles not good.

    If your goal is muscle growth always do cardio after weights.


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