The panda returns...

  1. The panda returns...

    After finishing my cycle (M-LMG/H-Drol) back in october, I went to see a physical medicine MD. The guy was a genius but didn't talk much. He assessed me and told me that I feel right SI joint pain because my right Iliopsoas is really tight and needs to be stretched amongst other things. He gave me the stretch and a script to see a physical therapist. The physical therapist I went to found a pretty amazing thing. The problem with the thing he found caused him to ignore the reason I came there in the first place. I came there for SI joint pain. He found that my entire right leg from top to bottom was significantly weaker than my left. Now, that can certainly explain the injury of the SI joint while deadlifting back in december of 09. Apparently, after my bulging discs healed years ago, I never rehabbed my right leg. It never caught up. Therefore, big asymmetry led to injury. So, here I am 4 weeks into PT. Still in Pain, with slightly more strength in my right leg than I started out. I did some research and found a PT from the school of Shirley Sahrmann. I'll be seeing her at the end of the month. I watched a lecture by her from Hospital of Special Surgery in NYC. Shes a hip expert. In addition, my upper body is pretty screwed up too. Anyway, I thought I would post some pics up for you guys to comment on. Now, mind you. After not going to the gym for god knows how long. I lost quite a bit of weight...20lbs to be exact. I'm open to all suggestions and comments.



  2. That mid back imbalance looks pretty significant. Is there a big difference in strength doing db rows between the 2 sides?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    That mid back imbalance looks pretty significant. Is there a big difference in strength doing db rows between the 2 sides?
    You know what...I feel like because the left scapula is so far out left trap seems to have taken over...In other words, when I do DB Rows, the left can feel stronger than the right, but my left trap will start to fatigue hard. On the other hand, the right trap is fine and the proper rhomboids fatigue when I do DB rows with the right. I feel like I should've seen this developing sooner, but at this point... lol.. I'm lost.

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