Alternative for Rear Lateral Raises.

  1. Alternative for Rear Lateral Raises.

    Hey guys this is my first post on this board just like to say its a beautiful board and the overall knowledge in some of the posts that I have been reading seem far superior to the other boards I am a member of.

    Now my question, I have always had trouble hitting my rear delts. I have tryed rear lateral raises for the past 6 months for training the rear delts and they still seem to be laging big time behind my front delts. I recently dropped the membership to my old gym (a community college gym) and signed up at a brand new Gold's that opened around my way. They have a machine called "Plate Loaded Rear Delth Machine" and I was wondering will this machine be as effective as the Rear Raises or will it be less effective because it is a Machine and will limit the range of motion? It seems to be working better for me as far as feeling the tension in my rear delts as I execute the motion but I have always heard that you should not judge by feeling alone?

  2. Generally speaking machines are inferior to free weights. Free weights require you to use stabalizer muscles as well as the primary muscles your targeting resulting in more stimulation of fibers and more stress on the CNS which usually equals more growth where as machines will do a lot of the stabalizing for you. Other good ways to work the rear delts are bent over barbell rows, take a nice wide over hand grip! Also, perhaps form is at fault. Also, sometimes less is more. Maybe you are overworking your delts in general. All things to consider. Good luck.


  3. Jay's got it. Try those wide grip bent rows. Pull the bar to your nipples and hold for a beat at the top. You'll be feeling it the next day.

  4. On the same note, when you're doing bent over db rows, keep your elbow out a little, as opposed to tucked into your person.

  5. Try to lay on incline bench on your stomach and do rear lateral raises that way. Also, if your Pec Deck machine is like mine, it allows you to turn the opposite way, re-adjust the grips and do horizontal rear laterals.

  6. Thanx for the info guys Ill give those a shot. Have any of you guys seen or used this plate loaded rear delt machine at your gyms? The GOLDS I recently joined is brand new just opened about 3 weeks ago and everything is brand new so maybe it is a model machine or something.

  7. face pulls, with a nylon handles, cables, you can go HEAVY

  8. To mix it up a little put a rope attachment on the high pulley, use 2 hands with an overhand grip, take a step or 2 back and pull back keeping your elbows even with your ears and concentrate on squeezing your rear delts, don't squeeze your upper back keep it flat.

  9. yep, I agree on BO BB rows being aces for hitting those as collateral damage hehe

    Something else I have done was Standing Reverse Alternate Grip Cable Extensions.

    You grab the left upper handle with your right hand, and the right upper handle with your left hand (arms are crossed in front of you) and extend your arms out pulling your shoulder blades together. Creates a lot of progressive stress on the rear delts.........

  10. seated cable rows to the neck are pretty good too. never heard of that machine though...


    make sure you're not overtraining them. Rows in general recruit the rear delts so keep back rows and delts on seperate days with a few in between.
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    I think a lot of people try to go too heavy doing bent lateral raises... so much so that their lats are working more than their rear delts. This isn't a power exercise, it's a strict isolation movement. Power cleans are another exercise that hit this area, if you're looking to do something heavy.

    But the best way I've found to do bent laterals is to use LIGHT weight, maybe 15 pound dumbells. Use strict, form, slow movements. At peak contraction, do a static hold for 5 seconds, and a slow negative over the course of 5 seconds. Do 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps this way with 30 seconds rest between sets, I PROMISE you, your rear delts will be SMOLDERING when you're through.

    Good luck.

  13. deadlifts destroy my rear delts!

  14. Your rowing and deadlifting should be all you need for rear delts.

    Iron Addict


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