Massive forearms

  1. Massive forearms

    I was wondering does anyone know what is best to develop forearms? Specificlly the upper side of the forearm. The part runs from the top of your hand to the elbow. I want forearms like John Grimeks or Chuck Sipes.
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  2. Deadlifts. You can tell the guys who have big arms, but don't deadlift. The next time you look at Vin Diesel, look at his forearms. I bet he has never done a deadlift in his life. I hope you understand that forearm development has a lot to with your genetics...

  3. Watch this guy's formarms when doing deads. They almost look like little calves contracting.

  4. I have no problem getting my right forearm to grow, but the left is another story

    Reverse curls are good for upper forearm (brachioradialis), as are reverse wrist curls. Grip exercises work well too.

  5. tossing your straps aside when doing back, except the last heavy set if you really need them, is a good idea.

  6. Yeah, I like behind the back wrist curls too....they'll add mass like no other exc. I've ever done.....too bad I can't do them anymore cuz they tear your wrists to high hell....

  7. farmers walk is great after deads for 4arms

  8. imo, iso contraction (like people get from deads) is mediocre at best for forearm DEVELOPMENT (iow size vs. strength factors).

    i've trained with enough pl'ers and OL'ers (the latter use hook grip, btw) to conclude that you can build very very strong grip strength while getting concommitantly mediocre DEVELOPMENT.

    moving the muscles through a greater ROM, for higher reps than the 1,2,3's that strength athletes usually do, will yield superior visual results, imo

    lots of exercises you can do, including the classic rolling up a weight hanging from a rope (thicker bar yields better results), doing wrist raises with a plate, etc.

    some of the best forearms i have ever seen have been on merchant marines. completely popeye like (which is where the cartoonist got his ideas - sailors who work with ropes for hours on end).

    MUCH longer time under tension, and much greater rom than one will get with deadlifts and the like. and much more impressive forearms.

  9. try getting one of those grips you can carry around with you that you squeeze, every time you are driving your car, switch between hands every fifty squeezes or so, and just squeeze and drive away till your hearts content.....

  10. HELL YEAH GO SOX!!!!!!!

    throw in some farmers walks, true test of WILL and endurance!!!!!

    I think i carried 340 for 100yds 3 sets after deads, OMG!!!!

    here are some pics and links for other ideas.

    the spartacus youll have to look for it I didnt have time to find the exact link..

    I have used the seated crusher bench , hella bad ass.
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  11. I bucket on a rope tied to the middle of a one inch diameter stick.Fill the bucket with rocks, sand water...watever, and dangle the bucket over a deck, stairs, out a roll the the stick twisting the one inch rod,(while forearms are supported)winding up the rope until the bucket reaches the top of the stick, and then slowly let it back down agian...burns like hell...

  12. Ya, that burns like a be-yatch!

  13. Hammer Curls do a good job on the upper forearm for growth.

  14. Thanks for everyone's replies. I'll have to keep some of these in mind.


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