Best way to get rounder outer Delts?

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  1. I've found for shoulders there has to be the right combination of form and explosive power. Some people look like they are cheating, but if you look carefuly you'll see that the shoulders are still moving the weight while other things are moving around. I think most people who overly obsess about form aren't going to use enough weight to put the muscle under enough tension for growth.

    When I do standing overhead dumbell press I bend my knees a bit at the bottom and push my whole body up as I start the weight up. yeah, it's cheating, and yeah, it lets me use more weight, but it hits my delts, HARD. The key is to explode up with everything, shoulders included. If you just use the cheating to create momentum and take tension off the muscle being worked, it won't help anything.

  2. DB side raises while concentrating on thumbs pointing downward. I prefer them seated.
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