Best way to get rounder outer Delts?

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    My shoulder workout is

    Military Press or DB Press 2 sets
    Side Laterals 1 set
    Rear Laterals 1 set

    The outer flare and rounding has a lot to do with side laterals. The "bowling ball look" from the front. I would forget about super setting or adding more sets. I would also never ever do an upright row, ever. I think they are useless and unnecessary strain (my personal opinion)

    Write down what you do each week and beat it. There is NO WAY in year if you go from side laterals with 30lbs to 50lbs you did not grow those puppies. Keep the form good, reps 4-8. There is no magic exercise for any body part, just time, patience, and the grind every workout.

    Also, consider how you do the movement. Some people have straight arms like a T, this doesn't put your side delts at their best working position. Bend the arms a bit, follow the natural line of your scapula a little while maintaining a "side" lateral, and try to keep those elbows from flaring out all over the place.
    Great advice!!! Overhead presses have very little to do with delt development overall... (IMO) Also try 80% rep range (i have already said too much...)

  2. Quote Originally Posted by team180 View Post
    Great advice!!! Overhead presses have very little to do with delt development overall... (IMO) Also try 80% rep range (i have already said too much...)
    This worked excellent for me! Team180 knows his stuff, I can tell you from personal experience I suggest anyone truly wanting to excel in making their physique completely transform, to contact him via PM.

  3. My shoulders really started to develop when I made it a point to do rotator cuff exercises 3x a week because I was having problems. The roundness came fast when I was doing a more power-oriented program as well (increasing strength like rodja said), including snatches, clean and press, arnold presses, kettle ball snatches, power shrugs, etc. . My traps are still big as well because of all the time I did that work, even though I haven't for a couple of years.

  4. for shoulder development i definitely favor dumbells

  5. Quote Originally Posted by monsterbox View Post
    to be honest, I started to swing my side lateral raises to move heavier weight, then came back down to my normal weight range and was able to strict form much more. My shoulders have cannonballed!


    I used to strict form 20lb DB, for sets of 10.

    I started swinging 40's for sets of 10, trying to pause at the top. I now can strict form 30's-35's and my shoulder are way larger. So in a way, i'm beginning to believe in cheating. I feel like i had to jump start my nervous system or something into being able to handle the heavier weight first by swinging, and now i can can control 35's very smooth. When i say smooth, i mean, I dont move my body at all, and its controlled liike 2 seconds up and 5 second sdown

    Heavy heavy seated db lateral raises. Elbows flexed 30-45%. Its like a "strict swinging" if you will. Dont swing all sloppy and uncontrolled. You dont have to stand still like a robot just moving your arms either.
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  6. I've found for shoulders there has to be the right combination of form and explosive power. Some people look like they are cheating, but if you look carefuly you'll see that the shoulders are still moving the weight while other things are moving around. I think most people who overly obsess about form aren't going to use enough weight to put the muscle under enough tension for growth.

    When I do standing overhead dumbell press I bend my knees a bit at the bottom and push my whole body up as I start the weight up. yeah, it's cheating, and yeah, it lets me use more weight, but it hits my delts, HARD. The key is to explode up with everything, shoulders included. If you just use the cheating to create momentum and take tension off the muscle being worked, it won't help anything.

  7. DB side raises while concentrating on thumbs pointing downward. I prefer them seated.
    if only bc Big Ron is in my avatar


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