More pain please....

  1. Talking More pain please....

    So during the summer I am away from the gym, and I am getting back. I lost some strength which is frustrating but I am looking to jump start myself back. The first two times I went back I left sore. That felt good. But the last couple of times I feel tired but not sore or like I really pushed myself. I try putting on more weight but I am not back up to lifting that much. If I stay at this weight though I leave feeling energized, a little tired, but not sore.

    I have been doing fly machine, arm extensions, low row, bench press, wrist lifts, forearm rolls, shrugs. I work out for about an hour three times a week (can't afford more time though) and on my off days I go to a Bjj class.

    I am thinking of switching entirely to free weights. Maybe the extra need to balance will push my muscles more.

    Any ideas? What can I do to really get a burn and get back up to previous levels fast?

  2. so you want to feel sore? is that what you are saying?

  3. First, understand that soreness is not an indicator of growth or progress.

    Second, you're not training what looks like about 65% of your body.

    No squats or deadlifts for the lower body.
    No pull ups for the lats and teres. No over head presses.

    If you are training 3 days a week, try something like this

    mon: Squat, pull up, over head press, some arm and ancillary work

    wed: Dead lift, barbell row, bench press, arm/ancillary work

    fri: rumanian deadlift, push press, pull downs, arm/ancillary work

    Following mon: Squat, bench press, low row, arm/ancillary work



  4. ZiR RED said it all man. Only thing i have to add to that is eat healthy, get lots of quality rest and everything should fall back into place for ya.

  5. You'll be done in a couple months...sorry about the non encouragement but I see people like you all the time. Either you want it your don't

  6. Not pessimistic I have struggled on and off with motivation too.

    Keep a notebook, try to beat previous weights or reps. Add sets maybe even drop sets
    if only bc Big Ron is in my avatar

  7. You mentioned that the first two times produced soreness but the third did not. While soreness depends on a number of factors other than what exercise you do, I'm curious; were you able to lift the same weight the third time as the first two?

  8. and dont pay attention to what everyone around you is doing. keep it positive.


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