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    I need some tricep size enhancers I mean they're a decent size but not going anywhere I need anything that will make them bigger. And all around arm size too I do: close grip bench, skullcrushers, overhead dumbell extension. On mondays and fridays every other week then on the alternate week I do strait bar curls (heavy as possible while keeping the form nice), hammer curls close to chest for brachiallis work, and ez bar preachers (close grip) I do these mondays and fridays on the week after the tricep... However EVERY Monday and Friday I do strait bar curls AND close grip bench regardless of the other iso


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    A number of things that can be in play here: first of all, are you eating enough (are you making gains on the scale and measuring tape elsewhere)? Are you switching up orders or anything on the exercises you mentioned? I would personally go to just one day a week instead of 2, so you have more time to let them actually recover and grow versus tearing the muscle down again that soon if you're not seeing the results. Are your numbers going up weekly? If you're not making weekly progress in either weight or reps, you need to give it more time off. Push for gains in one of those areas on an each-time-you-lift basis and you'll start seeing results if you're eating properly too. I also like to use varying grips/attachments for cable pushdowns. My triceps were always a week point behind my biceps, but I've seen a lot of success using the Max-OT training rep range of 4-6 (usually more like 6-8 is what I get) with very heavy weight.

  3. I eat pretty decent calories a day very clean. I'm taking anabolic pump now with a weight gainer protein, glycomaize, glutamine, and presurge as a preworkout. I'm not making any gains in arm size at all. I am making gains in strength. But as far as the scale goes its fluctuating which is pretty normal due to AP. Cuz I've got weighter better shape and form of my muscles
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    Based on strength gains and everything else you've said, I think knocking your tri workouts down to just once a week and going hard and heavy will help you out a lot. Like I said, cable pushdowns with some of the different bars have really helped me (I've seen more progress in this than the rope). I also do my skull-crushers at the lowest incline setting possible and that seems to help a lot more versus using a flat bench. I also use the wider grip on that and point my elbows out - more emphasis on the triceps, less on the forearms and less joint pain.

  5. I thought the pint of skulls was to keep the triceps pointed inward to work the long head of the tricep and thus make ur arm bigger
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    Quote Originally Posted by bi0hazurd View Post
    I thought the pint of skulls was to keep the triceps pointed inward to work the long head of the tricep and thus make ur arm bigger
    Different grips and positions will work the muscle differently. All I can say is that for many years I didn't bother using skull-crushers at all because I only felt the workout in my forearms and elbows and not at all in my triceps. After I changed this, I've noticed a lot more growth and actually feeling it during the workout - that's just me, though.

  7. The first thing I would suggest is just gaining weight in general. I'm the same height as you and I would never have particularly impressive arms at just over 200 lbs simply due to my height and limb lengths.
    My second question is how strong are you at compound movments for the triceps (like close grip BP)? If you are pushing 300+ for reps, then you might need some isolation work to get your triceps growing. If you are below this level, then you should probably try to get stronger at these movements and your triceps will likely grow.
    Finally, what is your technique like on movements like close grip BP? Just because you move your grip in doesn't automatically mean you will use more triceps. You have to keep your elbows tucked into your sides as flaring your elbows out will bring more pec involvement into the movement.
    As for your biceps, how strong are you at pull-ups, chins, and rowing movements? If you get really strong as these movements and throw a couple of sets of curls in at the end, your biceps will likely get bigger. Again, if you are weak at the compound movements, focus primarily on those and use the isolation work as a "finisher". If you are already very strong at the compound movements, then you need to focus more on the isolation stuff.
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    reverse grip tricep pushdowns worked wonders for me

  9. I like start with close grip bench press on the smith machine because you can pile on the weight, not worry about balance or anything but pushing the weight straight up. I think your first excersice for a body part should be what ever allows you to push the most weight and something you can safely take to failure.

    Next I like reverse grip pressdowns (two hands, not single) I started doing these several months ago when I notice the belly of my tri's were growing, but they didn't have the width or flair.

    For a third excercise, do what ever gets you excited. Everybody has their favorite excercise and by now your tri's should be thrashed enough anyways so work in a favorite.

    For reps, I pick a weight I can do three sets of six. When I can do three sets of six, I move up to sets of seven. The first week I may only get one set of seven, then two sets of six. They day I can do three sets of seven, the next week I go to three sets of eight. When I can do three sets of eight, I up the weight, and drop the reps back down to six. I liked this so much I started using it with just about everything else.

    Finish with a drop set once a month. I like to drop the weight four or five times for a really good burn up.

  10. I haven't updated my stats recently because now I'm weighing in at 217 - 225 last weigh in was at 200 my compound movements are under 5x5 right now so constantly growing. Max 1 rep bench is around 315, max dead lift is around 420 maybe more maybe lessn never measured squat but I keep going up in weight every week without stalling.

  11. Also idk if this helps but I've got a 17in arm width and I'm taking AP to help out with my goal of 18


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