my triceps wont grow

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  1. Took the JM press suggestion out of this thread a few weeks ago and loving it. Can really feel the Tris popping while doing it and feels a lot better on the elbows than crushers.

    Incorporating half reps and rest-pause sets after failure really helped me with the tris.

  2. Try throwing them in after a real heavy squat or deadlift day. The added groth hormone release could def help them tri's for sure.

  3. Lower the volume for about a month and really focus on the eccentric part of the movement during each rep. Go as slow as possible (4 seconds) on the eccentric movement. My tris grew better with this approach. You're also hitting your tris with chest and delt exercises so you can ease up on the volume for this muscle IMO.

  4. You may just have to continue working towards overall mass gains.

    Definitely stick to compound movements. At this point you'd get way more from doing a couple sets of weighted dips versus doing any kind of iso work.

    I'd stick to weighted triceps dips (concentrate on feel rather than simply forcing out the reps) and close-grip presses. I've never done JM presses but they look like they'd work well.

  5. Mine start growing once I started doing one to two workouts 1 to 2 sets each on chest day. It is a small muscle


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