How Often Do you take breaks from working out?

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  1. I agree, i think i broke threw plateaus with the help of de-loading for 2 weeks.

  2. If you feel like you need to take a break, then take a break.

    Most of the time I can go to the gym and have really good workouts and get really good pumps but after weeks and weeks of consistent training, I start to feel more tired all the time and my pumps don't come as strong. So I'll take a break for 5-7 days and when I come back to the gym I feel very fresh. I'm thinking the next break I take will be even longer than that, like 9-10 days to see what happens.

    In my experience a break every so often is never a bad idea. I've come off of a break a little weak, but after a week or so I'm back to where I was and then I can go from there. And as far as size retention goes, don't worry about losing any serious mass from a week of break as long as you're still eating well. Keep the protein high, but not as high as you would on a bulk. You wouldn't need any more than 1g per pound of bodyweight since you won't have as high of a demand for protein during this period as you would if you were lifting daily.

    Also, keep in mind you're resting your central nervous system as well as your muscle tissue.

  3. I believe that if you feel like a week or so break will hurt you, then you are FAR from where you want to be, I take a week off usually after every 5 - 6, and I clean my system that weak of pretty much all supps, cept protein bc that morning shake is tatted lol cant not take it
    some things ive realised with this method,
    1. Always come back on stronger
    2. I look at creatine more respectfully after every flush, it actually feels like a product and not a multi vitamin
    3. Feel refreshed and motivation is out the yang, always wanting to hit the weights

  4. I trained the whole year,and i am taking this last 2 weeks of December off,and go back January 3erd..

  5. Sounds good to me! Enjoy ur time off!


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