AAS induced injuries...

  1. AAS induced injuries...

    I've been on my first AAS cycle for a little over two weeks now. Having good weight, body comp, and strength gains and am very happy with it so far.

    But, the last two times I've flat benched, after I'm done with my heavy sets, my shoulders feel like there on fire...I'm talkin' like it's hard for me to pour some water into a glass Post/wo. I always do my rotator cuff work along with practicing good form along with all that other crap too..

    I'm guessing the increased poundages each week along with the massive pump I get, etc, are all contributing to the problem.

    Is this a warning sign that I should listen to regarding poundages with a future injury? I'd like to hear from some vets that have had this kind of experience with injuries caused from AAS and the body not being able to play catch-up quick enough....

    Should I alternate something somehow? Should I lay off flat BB, decrease intensity, or am I being overly concerned? The pain subsides with in a half hour or so Post/wo as long as I give it some rest....

  2. Quit doing flat bench.

  3. Are your elbows in or out? I had a similar problem a while ago and when I started tucking my elbows in, the shoulder stress reduced greatly.

  4. That's pretty common with rapid strength gains, like you are probably having on a 1st cycle. Your joints & tendons don't adapt to the new poundages as fast as the muscles. Try to increase gradually & not go up too much from 1 workout to the next. I know it's hard to do, as you want to use that new strength, but stay within your bounds. It would suck to get hurt & not be able to train at all.

    If its specific to BB bench, try to eliminate that exercise. I quit BB flat bench a while back, no shoulder problems since.

  5. BB, yeah my elbows are out as much as I can think w/o doing it....I'll see when it comes time again...

    Man, I'd hate to give up flat BB.....do what you gotta do though...since I've started, I've gained 10lbs. and like 2 more reps on my bench....so maybe I can just shoot for higher reps at the moment and switch-up with strength and reps till I'm done...like back and forth...

    If I switch to inclines, then I'll have to switch my shoulder presses to something different too...maybe just do some lat raises or something...cuz that'd be too much work for my delts to handle for myself..

    I'm gonna probably just take out flat BB, add in incline, take out shoulder press, and add in l-raises and maybe uprights....****, this is gonna suck for a while...

  6. well, before you abandon it, analyze your bench press technique for flaws. maybe you're bringing the bar too high, maybe your elbows are out, etc. i bring the bar about an inch or two below the nipple with elbows in as much as i can hold them.

  7. A gave up on barbell pressing awhile ago as I found it was murder on my shoulder joints. I think that I have pre-existing shoulder problems from about 11-12 years ago when I toyed around with lifting in high school, but my form was particularly bad back then. Since I've moved to dumbbells exclusively, my shoulder pains have subsided completely.

  8. I thought you're supposed to bring your elbows out as far as possible to allow your chest to do the majority of the work (and not your triceps and/or shoulders).

  9. If you want to build chest, there are much better pressing versions of this that have better results and lessen your chances of injury. also if you are more into looks I would do inclines only and no flat. Bench press is a compound movement, includes all three and if you have a sticking point, work on the weak point, lower= more chest work,middle=more shoulder work,upper=tri work galore.

    but your elbows should be more in than out, i was coached to split the difference,
    keep them comfortably in and when they drift out your losing your form, injury is close , which happens when you approach your 1rm just because you want to get it off you, especially if you count your reps...

    the best results i have ever seen as far as size :

    shaping pressing,shaping pressing. I.e. light db flyes, db presses,and repeat.
    you will freakin blow up,


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