Boxing with bodybuilding?

  1. Boxing with bodybuilding?

    I run a full bodybuilding routine, but would like to incorporate some boxing stuff into my routine to build some speed and power, and I also like the sport.

    At what point does using the heavy bag and speed bag become overtraining with weightlifting? If done at different times of the day would it be ok?

    I know a real boxer has to live the lifestyle, but I don't want to compete, I'm just trying to improve my power and stamina a bit.

  2. boxing would be a greast alternative to cardio. I wouldnt kill yourself by adding on daily boxing regime with your resistance and cardio training but as a subsitution, no doubt a nice change of pace. As you said, heavy training using bags and gloves might hinder energy and strength during your weight training. Just look out for negatives sides of overtraining and adjust according.... whether it be to your resistance work or boxing.

  3. I started out as a boxer at 140 about 7 years ago. With age and time I have moved way up in weight(Light Heavy/Crusier now). I am by no means an expert, but have quite a bit of amatuer experience.

    I lift hard after fights for a month or so, but when I move towards a fight (4 or so weeks out) I pretty much quit lifting. I go full body 2x week - very few sets per part, lighter weight, higher reps. Point is being explosive/quick, not muscular.

    Having said that - there is no better cardio then boxing/bag work. It will really work you, but will lead to overtraining quick. If you add it to a heavy lifting routine you will probably have problems after a week or two. From my experience it is pretty tough to work the bags more then once a week if you are lifting hard without impacting either your weights or your speed.

    If you decide to do it, start with 1 minute "rounds." Alternate hands each throw for 1 minute on the speed bag. Take 1 minute off, go again. Work up to 3 on, 1 off. Heavy bag can be pretty much the same set up - be sure to mix punches and hands. Stay close to the bag, and make sure you have your hands wrapped really well, otherwise you wont be doing anything for a while. Do jump rope (no weighted handles!) during your minute off to keep the intensity higher (you probably wont need to right away).

  4. Jumping rope and working a heavy bag is a great cardio activity. It is difficult to do for a good period of time so ready to start with short intervals and increase.

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