Pre exhaustion remedy for uneven muscle devlp??

  1. Pre exhaustion remedy for uneven muscle devlp??

    hey guys my body has been growing funny lately despite my best efforts. Whats happened is my right tricep has grown a good bit stronger than my left. My right arm measures 13.4in and my left is 12.9in. Not to big of a deal. But what it has caused is a chain reaction in my pecs. My right pic is now lagging cuz my strong right tri is pushing the weight up more. So my left pic gets a full nice pump while my right doesn't so much. I mainly use dumbbells for the basis of my pec workout. The only thing i could come up with was to do my tri before my chest and wear them out. That way i will only be using my chest to push the weight. Tips? What do you guys think?

  2. If your using dumbbells, you might be bring your elbow to close to your torso. Shifting the load to your tricep. Maybe lighten your load, focus on your form. Make sure you keep your elbows away from your body.

  3. Adding,

    1. Do more single arm work work for your left triceps and stop the right at the reps you get for your left arm.
    2. Do couple more sets for your left arm.
    3. Do single arm dumbell chest press.

  4. Try using barbells. It's easy to get uneven development working with dumbbells, but it's nearly impossible with barbells. Also, as suggested, try doing your reps with your weak side first and only letting your strong side do as many reps as you did with your weak side.

  5. i had a similar problem after coming back from an injury, and actually still do with my rt. and lt. calve (due to broken leg) i just throw some extra sets in on the smaller one. really light it up, get a good dep burn in there. even throw some extra sets in on days that i normally don't train calves...will take some time, but everntually it'll even out. gotta have some patience..

  6. thanks guys i'm def going to use all of your advice the next couple weeks

  7. I have a similar issue. The thing that makes me stop worrying about it is that:

    1: I'm about 265 lbs now and I had the same issue when I weighed 125 lbs.

    2: I'm not a body builder.

    3: My younger brother has the same issue (genetics?).

    4: Ok, I still worry about it every now and then.

    Try to get a video of you pressing from the top down. I would be suspicious that one of your elbows is tucked more, making it more tricep and less pec. Make them both the same, whatever you do. This is NOT going to be easy to fix unless you have a spotter that is really able to see small details and pay close attention.

    Good luck.


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