1. Reps...

    Around what rep range puts on size?

  2. Any rep range will. but ranges from 8+ put on more size in general than lower rep ranges. Even up to 15 isn't unrealistic for size gain. going past that you are really hitting more endurance and so aerobic rather than anaerobic so above that i'd say size gains go down.

  3. 4-12
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. 8-12 for size 4-6 for strength. This is how it works for me at least.

  5. Low reps for strength
    Medium reps for size
    high reps for endurance


  6. To be honest its what your body reacts to everyone is different so there is no direct answer to everyone. Like on certain exercises you might want to do lower reps eg deadlifts and on others like the leg press for me I find it worthless to do less than about 12 because I just dont feel it in the muscle. But for an average guide on most exercises for an average person 8-12.

  7. Any reps less than 15 will increase your muscle size.And there is a limit to protein synthesis so it doesn't matter whether you do heavier weight or greater volume.

    It is usually better to stick with higher reps (8-12) since there is less fatigue and is easy to get in enough volume.

  8. hypertrophy:
    4-5 sets/exercise
    8-12 reps/set
    60-90 second rest between sets


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