The Tabata Myth

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    The Tabata Myth

    Mistake #1: You're NOT doing the Tabata protocol.

    Mistake #2: Tabatas have not been shown to be more effective for fat loss than any other type of circuit training.

    Explanation of these points can be found here: The Tabata Myth Blog Robertson Training Systems

    My comment on the post was this,170% VO2max" is impossible. It is as impossible as the nonsensical expression "supra-maximal exercise". There does not exist a VO2 max over 100% and there does not exist "supramaximal exercise". I guess to some extent that is also what Marc Young is suggesting , which is correct.

    The other points he raises, are also scientifically correct, in that he is not rejecting the protocol, not claiming it is not superior, but mainly saying that you can't arrive at that conclusion without a proper research design under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. In that, he is scientifically correct.

    I do not know if one can conclude that he is really "dispelling a myth". He is mostly pointing out the common errors when nonscientists start making pseudo-scientific arguments. To some extent, it is probably logical that nonscientists make such a mistake, otherwise there would not be any need for scientists to do science as anybody else would be able to do that equally well.

  2. By 10 seconds of rest, does he mean just sit down and chill or turn the intensity down a little?

  3. I'd agree that most people do Tabata wrong, and also that there is no evidence it shows greater fat loss, but it does show greatest improvement in overall cardiovascular performance which over time would allow you to do more "work" and so help you reach a scenario where you are creating more fat loss than you would be able to with other cardio protocols

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