Overdoing it with Trap Exercise?? Whatya think?

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  1. I know it has been said in here already but deadlifts will help a ton.

    My traps were lacking and not growing until I added in deadlifts.
    When you are coming up, make sure you focus on the trap squeeze and you will get a pinch that nothing else can give you

  2. you can try doing the top portion of the deadlift like dorian yates. watch his video, it is all over the place. takes out a lot of the glute/leg action and stresses mainly the back.

    i usually do deadlift 2 sets, 3 reps then the top portion 2 sets 8 reps

    worth a try but dont do it if it feels off.

    if you are deadlifting correctly and feeling lots of legs there is not much you can do, it is a anatomical thing. Strengthen those legs even more just make sure your deadlift form is good

  3. GOT IT!

  4. 3 heavy sets of what?

  5. shrugs. i used to do that too 4-6 reps on shrugs. Got to almost 7 plates side then my collarbone popped out one side and had enough months of recovery now i play it a little easier.

  6. really wow thats crazy! Yeah ive been doing heavy 4 while and i scared my self one time too. I dont think my collar bone was about to pop out but.. I got this weird painfull feeling around my chest/clavicle area. I think i was just straining my chest and body. I was lifting so much weight i wasnt using proper form and i was also lifting with my chest. It hurt like he//! With bb shrugs.

  7. Lets keep this good thread going people! Anyone else wanna put in there 2cents!? Cmon!

  8. I think that for shrugs it is also about the contraction and the squeeze at the top it seems silly to have a ridiculous amount of weight and barely squeeze at the top of the rep or dont squeeze at all. I see it all the time. Also you can try super high reps I have responded with that as well over 30 reps

  9. Hmmm over 30 reps per set. 3-4 sets? I may have to try that. I think some other people in this thread need to try that 2.. Like the guys that said go big or go home! lol.

  10. Keep going hard man, no pain no gain. Good to hear your getting results. Another good shoulder work out are the farmer lifts. Basically just grab some real heavy dumb bells and walk around. Those are great for shoulders and other body parts too.

  11. I do traps and calves every other day... just two to three sets, plus my neck routine. Not much fatigue until after back day.

  12. Farmer walks are good!


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