Ab wheel

  1. Ab wheel

    Does anybody have any information/opinions about these things. I use one occasionally and get a good burn/pump in my abs, and am always sore the next day. The reason I ask is b/c i've heard conflicting info on this. I've heard it's bad for your back, but i'm really just interseted in it's effectiveness when compared to other abdominal excercises.


  2. It helps. I see alot of people even do it with barbells.

  3. I think it is a very good exercise.

    You can do a similiar movements without the wheel following yoga techniques. The plank pose and cat pose (examples at http://www.yogabasics.com/ and search) are effective as long as you contract your abs forcefully. There is little to no stress.

  4. Thanks a lot fellas.

  5. i can't remember where i read it, but some university did a test by hooking up ekg's to people's stomach muscles and having them use various ab machines. they coud see how much it was working the muscles by the amount of electrical current the machines detected. most of the devices (ab rollers and **** like that) did very little. one machine, the one with the flexible "spine" that comes up behind you with handles that you grab and twist did nothing. guess what was number one? crunches! number two was the ab wheel. the rest were crap.

    i have an ab wheel and it will kick your ass if you are not used to it. good stuff.



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