pump/focus beneficial?

  1. pump/focus beneficial?

    Sorry if it has been discussed before but I couldn't find a related article with my search terms. Is there any benefit to better muscle focus through pumps? I usually never get a good pump going in my chest, but on the few days I do I feel like I can focus in on the muscles and squeeze harder and target the area better. The same goes for any other muscle. Is there any benefit to this or is it just a nice feeling? It usually results in a better workout since I become more positive as the workout feels better, but I'm wondering if being able to squeeze the muscles harder helps.

  2. heck yea man. looks like you just discovered the joy of mind muscle connection. When your working your chest per say. When you push the bar up don't just execute the motion but actually think of your chest squeeze you chest together. All ways flex the muscle you are trying to target. This is why using perfect form when you first start weight lifting is good. You get a chance to build the muscle mind connection.

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