DC training?

  1. DC training?

    I saw a this training that has you do like 10-12 reps then rest for 15-20 sec then do 6-8 reps wait for 15-20 sec and then finish with 2-4 reps. now I have tried this with the weight I normally w/o with and it was tough but I just didnt know if it was enough to build? should I be doing more and dose anyone else do this kind of training? would love some feed back!! thanks

  2. Check out www.intensemuscle.com. The home of DC. A ton of info on the principles of DC. Its a great program but a bit more involved than just doing the sets like that. Most of the sets are structured like you wrote, you just need some more background info.

  3. There is far more to it than just doing the sets like that. And if you felt like that with your normal working weight, then you've been lifting too light anyhow

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