High Threshold Radical Hypertrophy

  1. High Threshold Radical Hypertrophy

    not sure how many people have seen this
    but its a 12 week program containing 5 phases
    where 4 of wich are body part specific
    google " high threshold radical hypertrophy " if your interested
    or bored with your training, it makes since to me
    its pretty much high weight
    low reps
    explosive movements
    give it a google

  2. They are just trying to sell some supplement.

  3. There's a lot more to hypertrophy than "high weights, low reps, explosive movement"

    One of the key principles with hypertrophy is to increase the weight every workout. So unless you are going to be working out for 5 days, you will have an issue lifting heavy for weeks.

    You've never given us your skill levels really, are you beginning or have you been doing this for awhile?

    Google HST
    also google 5x5

  4. what would you mean by skill levels exactly ?
    and 5x5 is what i started when i was 13 and is all i do during winter to this day
    ( my dad taught me that )

  5. Skill levels as in how long have you been lifting hard. Are you just a beginner or could you train people for a living?

  6. It has some good points. Executing a rep as powerfully as possible will activate more motor units, which can help with strength. But some movements are just impractical for sets of 3. Leg Exts would kill my knees at that weight. BB curls would kill my wrists.

    So, read it, take it with a grain of salt and use what fits your training. I use 5/3/1, so the "make each rep as powerful as possible" really helps in my situation. But I'm not going to focus on one part of my body moreso than others, like the I, BB program suggests.
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  7. Ive been around weights and body builders since i was a little kid my dad and all of his friends were way pass the 200 pound body weight range and cut up so it sparked something with me
    was a chubby kid
    all the way till i was about 15 i weighed 200 + and couldnt benchpress 190 pounds.
    i went on a verryyyy strict diet and lost about 60 pounds by the time i was 16
    i got my little 6 pack and all that and really loved it
    cardio/weight/ calesthenics
    good form
    when i was 18 i decided i wanted to be strong like my family and quit caring about trying to look like a model with the abs and what not
    so i began training
    ive had some falls a shoulder injury
    (small one)
    but other than that im still learning the differences between bieng skinny and weak and moving this 190 pound body around
    im not certified at all nor wish to be a athletic trainer
    but i do have solid experience in all forms of athletics
    ( cept baseball, flat out suck at it )
    so since about 15 ive been training
    so 5 years
    ( but 2 years body building )


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