electrode/ muscle stimulators

  1. electrode/ muscle stimulators

    I have always wondered, the muscle stimulator/electrode machines that physical therapist use, could they be used to condition muscles in away to enhance muscle endurance. For example could they be used to help in distance running if applied to quads/hams/calves frequently? and before someone says running makes a better runner, i already know that. im looking for an edge and a new way to promote muscle endurance.

  2. I've talked to my chiro about similar uses. His take is it doesn't contract like s normal muscle contraction. At least not the same force. For rehab, the light contraction just promotes blood flow more than anything. I don't know if it would work for your situation. It would probably help with recovery from running and reduce muscle soreness.

  3. It wouldnt train the CNS sufficiently to carry over I dont think, it would be like lifting in a partial range of motion, you will develop strength in a small range but not over the full ROM, so I think you will develop endurance but not anything functional, its also not physiological so I would assume that over the long term it could have a chance to increase risk of injury if done on particular muscles but thats something to ask a kinesiologist.

  4. They are excellent for rehab. I purchased a machine off of a buddy that sells the machines to the therapy center and got a guy that I am good friends with to show me the ins and outs of the mechanism.
    I use it to help with my back and knees, wonderful machine.

    As far as endurance goes, I guess it is plausible though I haven't seen any evidence personally. Have you googled the research?

  5. Funny that this post came up, I am actually sitting in a hospital with my dad about to have stim/nerve test conducted.



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