Is there such thing?

  1. Exclamation Is there such thing?

    Im doing 5x5 routine now and seen great results on my chest back and legs... i added a few iso workouts for my arms on certain days and saw an increase there too. I wanted to know if theres such thing as a 5x5 for ur arms?

  2. yeah, my body is a strength freak and thats all he does 5x5 or sometimes he does 10x5, he's fuggin strong too
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  3. Yea but i wanna kno if theres an arm building routine for mass on the arms.. anything like 5x5

  4. There's nothing wrong with using the same principles for tris and bis

  5. yea but what workouts should i do EXACTLY?

  6. 5x5 isnt going to directly cause mass on any part of your body
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  7. Pick 1 or 2 movements each for bis and tris:

    Weighted Dips
    Narrow-Grip Bench
    Narrow-Grip Push-Press
    Helmet Press
    Skull Crushers
    DB Extensions

    Weighted Chins
    Weighted Parallel-Grip Pull-Ups
    Spider Curls with Straight Bar
    Seated Incline Curls
    Seated Hammer Curls
    Power Curls

    Pretty straight forward.
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  8. my tow right now are
    Bis: Weighted chin ups, Strait bar curls, Reverse grip strait bar curls
    Tris: Close grip bench press

  9. My goal is reaching 18 in arms... right now im at 16 1/2... ive seen some gains since is started eating more im also thinking of adding incline bench press to my 5x5 regimen for that more "box like" looking chest


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