Workout Help Needed.

  1. Workout Help Needed.

    Hey all,

    I have been doing a 2-day upper body, 2-day lower body routine every week for the past 3 months. The problem is with the lower body routine. My squats and leg presses have gotten very heavy as of late and my legs/knees can't take two days a week of that pounding.

    I thought that maybe working my lower body once a week as heavy as possible would be enough, but now I have three days in which to work my upper body instead of two. How should I go about this? I would like to work chest as much as possible, since it is my weakest area, but in those three days, how should I distribute shoulders, chest, arms, back and abs.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Do whatever you have been doing but leave chest out and give it its own day so you can concentrate on it, perhaps give it a few extra isolation sets but not too many, and throw abs in there to balance it out so its not a very short workout.

    I would do it:
    D1 Shoulders then Triceps
    D2 Back then biceps
    D3 Chest then abs

  3. You could just squat one lower body day, and leg press on the other. If you already doing them on separate days one other solution would be to do one heavy day and one light day.

    Here's a very solid split that does just that:

    I wouldn't train chest or upper body 3x a week, I think twice is enough and your recovery would be better that way.

    The beauty of the above routine is it allows you to focus on both strength and hypertrophy work, on the light day you can really focus on your chest with the flys and what not, while on the heavy day push your bench weights ups.

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