how to determine max weight/reps?

  1. how to determine max weight/reps?

    what is the proper method for determining what your max is on various exercises? I am going to try HST, and need to get my 15/10/5 rep max for everything.

    say i am going for bench. i think my 15 rep max is 130 (yea, check my screen name). once i have done the 15 reps i discover i could put more weight on. here is the problem - i am now fatigued from the first set, so the second is not going to be an accurate indicator.

    anyway, i just want to do this as as accurately as possible. sorry if this is a dumb question. thanks


  2. First you need to make sure your form is good. When you are comfy you are doing the right thing. Using your example, if you got 19 instead of 15, you could just add 5 lbs to whatever number you got and be close enough. If you are WAY off, you will need t wait until your next workout and add or subtract weight as needed.

    Iron Addict

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