Want to increase height? Here are some ebooks

  1. Thumbs up Want to increase height? Here are some ebooks

    Here are some ebooks I picked up from various locations on the web. Some of these are kind of silly and has some weird info. But, most of the advice is pretty sound and has you do stretching and certain excercies to try and increase your height. I feel like some of it may help people get an inch or so more, but probably not much more than that. But, it may be worth the read. Enjoy

    The first one will tell you its password protected, just choose to open it Read only.

    You will need a file to open Word docs, zip files PDFs, and Mp3s. Here are some links for free viewers for all of these.

    Winzip for zip files

    Adobe Acrobat for PDFs

    for MP3s

    Open Office free office suite to open doc files
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  2. Here's #2
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  3. #3
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  4. Stretching Part 1
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  5. Stretching Part 2
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  6. Stretching Part 3
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  7. Hmmm...i dunno how legit these methods are, but thanks for the post...it's appreciated


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