1. Dips?????

    Can someone explain how to isolate chest with dips. I just want to make sure that I am doing them right, because I feel alot in my Tris. Thanks.

  2. The further you lean forward, the more the pecs work. It's easiest to get in this position if you curl your legs up & lock them behind your ass. I make sure I go down further when concentrating on chest than when I work tris. I also do go quite all the way up, I feel the tris take over near the top of the movement no matter what position I'm in.

  3. No way to "isolate", but leaning forward places more stress on the pecs like Longdog said. I never lock out on chest dips though.

  4. Wider grip also helps me work out the chest better, closer grip seems to work more tricep and less chest.

  5. I would think wide grip would be even harsher on the shoulders though...

  6. My advice is to not try to "isolate" when doing big compound movements. Find the posistion that is most natural for YOUR body, and the one you are strongest in and use that as the base. Some variation is good, and needed over time, but trying to make a lift like dips a chest only, or tricep only movement is not possible, and will lessen it's overall possible effects.

    Iron Addict

  7. If you take a wider grip, kick your legs in back of you and arch your back you will hit your chest more. If you kick your legs out in front of you with you chest concave you will hit your triceps more.


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