for overall health and fitness, is it bad to do cardio after lifting?

  1. for overall health and fitness, is it bad to do cardio after lifting?

    I have been lifting 6 days solid for a while and have started some cardio to help reduce the BF%. the question is: Why is it bad to do cardio after lifting? i am not a competition BB'er, just looking for that "Mens Health" mag body... What about running after lifting is that bad if anything?


  2. I do it sometimes. But six days of lifting a week is to much.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    I do it sometimes. But six days of lifting a week is to much.
    it's 5-6, ususally 5, with a 3 day split. chest/back/abs, shoulders/arms/abs, legs/lowerback. if I toss in a 6th day it's usually light work, forarms, hip flexors, kickbacks, etc.

    I just like to stay on it.

  4. You grow and loose fat out of the gym, not in it.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    You grow and loose fat out of the gym, not in it.
    From a nutritional point of view its a bad bad idea. You want your nutritional intake after your workout to be available from growth, during that anabolic period that occurs after lifting. Its a much wiser idea IMO to do your cardio in the morning on an empty stomach or with a tad bit of carbs in your system. Its true that ,You grow and loose fat out of the gym, not in it, but getting everything tweaked together just as important.

  6. Well no ****. But prove to me in a study that 20-30 minutes of cardio after weights is bad for you.

    You anabolic window is 45-90minutes. That is off of a study at Tulane University.

    What if he doesn't have time for two workouts a day.

  7. cardio would be optimal in the morning, but after lifting is the next best choice compared to before lifting. It works for those of us who cannot split them up in the same day, although I do try and do cardio on non-lifting days.

  8. I do need to try and get up early before work and run.. it's hard to make that happen tho. I am more of an evening person.... I prefer to lift and workout (ideally) after 8pm.... but the mornings are where I should be headed for this... I just didn't want to hurt my lifting gains by "running them off" after. but really it doesn't make that big a difference, from what I hear. I am going to try and get the running done in the mornings anyways... the wifey doesnt' like that I am out in the garage for 1-1/2 hours working out!

  9. I say that its a bad idea due to the glycogen storage in the body, after lifting it should be low, then adding cardio to it to top it off IMO is not a good idea. Atleast not when trying to add muscle or maintain muscle, and as far as the anabolic window, I prefer to take advantage of most of it not wait for my PW nutritional intake. IMO cardio in the mornings is better at least for me and several other people that feel this way, but if morning cardio means less sleep for you, then I wouldnt do it. Offcourse this is just my opinion and there are different ways to do things

  10. Also something to look into is a "during workout" shake, there are some theories about that around several boards.

    Basically my opinion is that it may not be exactly optimal, but if it's a necessity to ensure cardio, then IMO it shouldn't be overlooked. I think aristotle's point is more valid especially when trying to bulk

  11. Agreed Jweave, especially since he's not trying to be a BBer. It's not an optimal approach for LBM gain but its certainly a good way to stay lean a fit as long as he doesn't overdue either the lifting or the cardio. Either way, down a big PWO shake.

  12. well, perhaps on the days when I can't get up early i can break up the lifting and running by an hour or so. in between, get a post workout shake in. But I think I will "force" myself to get outta bed and run. it's a motovational problem that early. (5am)...30 minutes running 1/2 asleep or 40 minutes of dreaming.... I wish i was one of those dudes that can get up and workout before work and have a good lifting session... everytime i tried it, I never felt like I was getting a good pump on.....


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