1. Hungry

    After two weeks of not going to the gym (since I was fixing everything for my travel), I finally decided to go back to working out again yesterday. I did cardio for 45 minutes on the elliptical followed by strength training. Thing is, as soon as I got home, I started feeling REALLY hungry. I ended up eating "bad" food (i.e. cookies, rice, steak, soda). I don't usually feel that hungry after working out, though. Why is it? And how can I avoid feeling extra hungry?

  2. have some protein shake about 1 hour before you work out. 50g protein 30g carbs, something like that.

    Then have another smaller shake immediately after you finish at the gym (like just after you get out the shower)

    That will make sure you are fuelled for your workout and get a little carb&protein shot when you finish up.

    Then have a good meal when you get in.

    Because you had proper pre/post workout nutrition you shouldn't feel the urge to eat the first thing you see when you get home

  3. u spiked the crap out of ur metabolism by taking the time off and then getting back into it, as your body gets accustomed to the workload and calories expended you will level off, but initially u will be hungrier

  4. I just realized I missed a meal before working out that day. That must have triggered my hungry fit. I'll try following the protein shake before and after the work out. I've never tried drinking protein shake before, though. I usually just take water with me to the gym.

  5. I personally like real meals, not shakes. I see much better results. A lean ground hamburger and noodles keep me going great through a workout.

    And what's wrong with rice and steak??



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