HST Question

  1. HST Question

    Been reading up on HST after someone recommended it to me on here for a beginner (which I am after a 4 year hiatus) I don't seem to be able to find how many sets? Do I really just do one set of 15/10/5 for each excercise? I am looking at doing this, which I stole from a post by Sfearl1 that he made a few years ago (lol)

    6 days splitting upper and lower:

    day1: bench press, dips, chinups, bent over rows, military press, bb curl, tri extensions

    day2: squats, deadlifts, calf raises, shrugs, abs

    day1 again

    day2 again

    day1 again

    day2 again



    It seems like a very solid way for me to progress, especially since my 1rm dead is maybe 200, bp is maybe 160, and squat is probably 250. I'll be starting my 15RM finding tomorrow, will probably do full body for three days (15rm, 10rm, 5rm) to get my maxes, then take 3 or 4 days off, then get into it. Main question is it really just one set per excercise? Should I be focusing more on the negative while doing these excercises? Just seems confusing, but seems to work. Thanks for any insight :P Also, how do the chosen excecises look? Not too worried about squat/dl on same day because I have natural tree trunk legs (had flyweight hs record for squat at 450lbs)

  2. Hey man, I like the workout idea of one set for a muscle, I use it too and it works very well. Type-O gave me some good advice on it. I would suggest taking a day off in between your workouts for example:
    Day 1- Upper
    Day 2-Lower
    Day Three-Rest
    I also would switch the workout up on the second time you are working the muscles in the week, For example:
    Day 1- BB Bench, Military Press, Dips, BB Row, Lat Pullups
    Day 2- Squats, Seated Calf Raises
    Day 3-Rest
    Day 4 Incline DB Press, Upright Rows, Deadlifts, Lat Pulldowns, Close Grip BB Bench Press Day 5- Lunges, Calf Press

    The negative is very important and if you have a spotter, I would take all of these exercises to total failure. I mean, like your spotter pulling up the bar off your chest because your muscles have noodled on you. Speed and power on the positive and slow and steady on the negative.

  3. Just found this on the HST site-

    "I started my first cycle and I am doing two sets for every exercise. Why? Because it was the basic program Bryan laid out on the front page lol."

    Theres a 125 page long thread about how many sets lol =x no way in hell I am reading that, I work 12 hours a day! Looks like lots of people doing things like 2 sets for isolations and 3 for compounds. Who knows. I am looking forward tot he gains though, I gained 15 pounds so far just going to the gym and smoking whatever body part didn't hurt, and not doing any compounds lol.

  4. Yeah, as far as isolation goes for adding mass, not important. Compound is how you want to go, and the many sets idea, is kinda old. We have much more knowledge today, and trust me, less is more when it comes to size. Many over-train, and unless your job is to workout, where you can eat all day and get 9 hours of sleep, you probably won't benefit from the high sets either.

    Check out http://www.thepumpingstation.com/doggcrapp.html

  5. The typical cycle is 1 set in the 15s, 2 in the 10s and 3 in the 5s. Increased volume looks like 2 sets in the 15s, 2-3 in the 10s, and 4-5 in the 5s.
    The purpose is to keep total reps as close as possible or slightly declining. Typical amounts are: 15 20 15 or 30 30 25.

    I think most routines lack rear delt work which I think is very important, so whatever exercises you do try add in face pulls or rear delt rows.



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