Is it necessary to walk while performing farmer walks?

  1. Is it necessary to walk while performing farmer walks?

    This sounds stupid as I type it, but I'm going to ask anyway. I mean I know that walking would bring your back and legs into it, but could one just work on their forearms by just holding the DBs as long as possible while staying in one place? The only reason I ask is because 1. I work legs and back on different days then I do forearms, so sometimes they are still sore and 2. the DB area at my gym is kind of small so it's hard to negotiate in between people with 125s in each hand.

  2. I think the bouncing and shifting of the weight has alot to do with it.

    I also think that you could get much more out of your time if you walk around.

    Just standing around seems kind of silly to me.

  3. Standing around would be more of a static hold. I could see that would be beneficial for forearm/grip strength, but you'd be missing out on the added benefits such as trap/upper back/leg work from the proper farmers walk.

  4. If you have ever done both with a heavy (for you) weight you will know that there is night and day difference between walking or not. Just holding it will beat up your forearms, walking will beat up all of you--lol.

    Iron Addict

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