Nothing but compound lifts for mass

  1. Nothing but compound lifts for mass


    I've started my M1,4ADD cycle, and am going for the biggest mass gains I can. My routine changes everytime I lift. I hit the same bodyparts, but do different exercises, and hit the compounds once every two weeks.

    While on cycle, I'm thinking maybe I should just stick to compound exercises: squat, deads, bench, military press, bent-over rows gain maximum mass I can.


  2. Compounds should be staple, but I would still follow up compound movements with some isolation work. Use the iso's to finish off the working muscle. Use higher reps to gorg the muscle with blood maximizing your pump.
    For instance, follow up your bench with some high rep db fly's to stretch out the pec and put emphasis on squeezing the muscle.

  3. I agree with lonewolf. Compounds are a must for packing on muscle at the white muscle fiber level , but those isolation exercises really torch the red muscle fibers for complete muscle stimulation.

  4. Thanks fellas, I'll follow that advice. I've been leaving out compound exercises at times for more isolation exercises, but maybe I should include compound exercises at all my training sessions.

  5. I do compounds not because they are big mass builders or time savers but because from what I have read the ones I do just so happen to be the best exercises for the muscles that they target.
    But I also always do isolation exercises aswell, I trained once doing mainly compounds and developed muscle imbalances, chest was considerably weaker than back because of no direct tricep work, and triceps and rear delts ended up too small in proportion to the rest of my body.

  6. Compounds work the most muscles in the way they're supposed to work.

    Anyway, I like the advanced 5x5 while on a cycle because its all compounds 3x a week, and follow up with whatevers lacking, like shoulder or calf raises, etc. Then I'll go back to a more 4-5 day split 3x8 routine, just to give my aching joints a break.
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  7. put one of the big 4 (back squat, DL, bench, and OH press) at the start of a 4 day/wk lifting routine, then fill in other movements to complement those.
    ie) "leg day", back day, chest day, arm day
    whatever works


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