Help with hands

  1. Help with hands

    Hey guys,

    Im looking for advice in regard to my hands, i am having lot of trouble maintaining my grip on heavy dumbells as my hands area little messed up, i have short fingers and they are fairly irregular. My little finger on both hands is only 1/2 the size of a normal finger (but perfectly formed) and my other fingers look "old" i have no pain or dexterity issues but my handwritting looks like it was done by a 5 year old, only with great and slow effort is it legible.

    I find that towards the end of a set (rep 7/8) my grip is shifting and the DB will become "top heavy" and slip from my grasp.

  2. Get straps to use if you do DB rows, but I assume you mean bench. Train your forearms and hands directly, use 5-12 rep range none of that 20-50 rep range you might come across.
    Get one of those grip strengtheners for grip strength and do wrist curls to help your wrist stay stable on your lifts.
    In the meantime switch to use cables or a machine for any lifts that your wrists are holding you back with.

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