Overexertion of the Front Delt

  1. Overexertion of the Front Delt

    I am looking to open an educated discussion of experienced lifters pertaining to overexertion of the deltoids in one's lifting routine, mainly the front delt.

    Anyhow, lets says your typical split consists of: Chest, Back, Delts/Traps, Arms, Legs- all on respective separate days, with as many respective rest days needed in between. For at least 2 of those training days, your front deltoids are being directly taxed (bench press movements, shoulder press movements & any front laterals). Furthermore, close-grip has been essential to overall tricep development, so you're front delts also receive some strain if you chose to include this movement (you could also argue that front delts are used to a minimal but noticeable extent for curling movements and certain back movements).

    So- Does anybody else feel that their front delts are continually sore? Over the past 6 months this has become an issue for me, and I have attempted to reduce this stress by omitting close-grips and narrowing the front-delt exertion to flat, incline bench & military press. I will occasionally do isolation training of the front delt as they are already well developed due to the presses and seek to avoid over-training. I've also taken long rest periods, tried massage therapy, etc.

    Looking to see if people have similar problems and what they did/if these changes worked? (Such as alternating military press every other week, etc.)

  2. I don't do that split but when it is bench day I usually work back and do only one front delt exercise (standing military) and no more than that for the front delt.
    You could also put a split between the arm and delt days for ex (chest,back,shouler/trap,legs,arms, rest)
    Also thats one hell of a bench you got there!


  3. yeah i see your point, i feel like im going to have to consolidate some major groups and start doing something like chest/shoulders for one day and like back/tris on another day to reduce the stress to just 2 days and provide more room for rest in between

    my only conflict with that is that workouts tends to become rather long, and i am definitely one of those people who sees diminishing returns the longer i am physically lifting in one period

    thanks for the compliments on the bench, i actually really strained my tendon that day between the front delt and my bicep and it has not entirely subsided even with increased rest

  4. I have this problem too, lifting like you said, and that is compounded with the stress pitching puts on the shoulder. I like to take an ice cube after lifting and rub it into the tendons that are hurting. That helps a little.

  5. I train chest/delts (focusing on medial and posterior), back/traps/forearms, legs, arms/abs with rest days between each except legs and arms.
    When I trained shoulders alone I did feel they were too stimulated (more likely under recovered). My new split is working well for me.

  6. Well, there are a few easy remedies:
    1. Stretch and foam roll: extra blood flow increases recovery (duh).
    2. On CG, on do the top 2/3 of the motion; keeps more tension on the triceps and significantly lowers the stress/use of the pecs/anterior delts.
    3. Combine 2 of the 3 pushing muscles into one session. My preference is triceps and delts because their co-involvement is much lower than the other combinations.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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