Please help with my routine/cardio layout.

  1. Please help with my routine/cardio layout.

    I will be cutting for most the duration of the summer and I need some help getting my plan straight.


    T- Pushing
    Th- Deadlifts and Pulling
    F- off
    Su-Legs & calves

    How is my routine, I read a suggestion that deadlifts be done with leg day so that their is no hamstring overlap, but i don't have the conditioning to do both in one training session yet, so i will be doing them on two different days. I this okay?

    Also in regards to cardio, long duration low intensity of HIIT, someone please put this to rest for me, because i have been hearing so much from each side. Also whats the deal on fasted state cardio (right when you wake up) I have heard this is the best and won't burn too much muscle, but also have heard that this is catabolic as all hell.

    My supplements for the summer, very basic: EC stack, creatine, protein powders, fish oil, multi.
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  2. As far as cardio goes i think your going to get a wide range of answers. I personally don't like doing cardio first thing in the morning. It just makes me feel like i'm burning muscle, but that's just me. As far as HIIT vs. long duration/time your going to get a lot of different answers. I like doing two days of longer duration, and 1-2 days of HIIT this way i keep my body guessing.

    I'm gonna guess friday is an off day? This weight routine is similiar to what i use, and I also have the overlap problem w/quads. I just keep my quad volume low on leg day, two to three working sets. One of these being a set of 20 rep squats. I don't think anyone is going to be able to give you any definitive answer. Your probably just going to have to see what works for you, and as long as the reps/weight keep going up your doing your job.

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