workout time lengths

  1. workout time lengths

    I've seen and no doubt most of you guys have seen ppl saying to keep workouts to under an hour or you catablic rate increases and you can end up doing more harm then good.
    OK so here's the question, with the program I'm using from IA, the rest time b/t sets (~3-4 mins) puts me over an hour in the gym. Does this kind of routine fall under the same general rule that people usually apply to their workouts. i.e. keep sessions to under an hour?

    thx bros

  2. I'd like an answer on this as well. Until recently, I've always had a hard time keeping my workouts under one hour. I feel like I'm cheating myself if I were to cut it off if I hadn't finished. But from what I've read, I'm cheating myself if I continue beyond the hour.

    Just this last week I began IA's 3-day double rotation split. I'm not being trained by IA, but am "borrowing" his workout from his website. And my workouts were all kept under one hour. I had a killer back and leg days. I'm going to give this a go for at least 6-weeks and evaluate it after that.

  3. hey cuffs, this is what IA told me on him boards

    "That hour rule generally applies to people that are doing set after ****ing set with SHORT rest periods. WIth the long rest periods I have you doing (allowing better intensity and more reps) you are still doing a relatively small volume of work during the time spent in the gym.

    Iron Addict"

    hope that clears things up for ya

  4. I just snuck over to his board and read that. Makes sence to me put that way.

  5. I wait 2.5-3 minutes between sets and I still am able to keep my workouts under an hour usually. Thats due to the fact that I only do 2 working sets to failure and then every other week or so, I do a beyond failure technique after the last work set...

  6. It's pretty rare that I get out of the gym before the hour mark. Most of the time, I'm in there for 1.5 - 2 hours.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    It's pretty rare that I get out of the gym before the hour mark. Most of the time, I'm in there for 1.5 - 2 hours.
    Yet another reason to invest in a home gym...

  8. i agree it also depends on workout density, etc.

    i have routinely done OLer workouts that were 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length. they are mostly singles, double, and triples, with long rest period, no significant eccentric action.

    bber style workouts are rarely more than an hour for me

    often 30-45 minutes works well for me with those

  9. I work 1 bodypart a day (5-day split) & I am always out of there in 45-50 minutes. Leg day usually goes a full hour though. This schedule allows me to train on my lunch on break & keep my evenings free, been doing it for years. I work from home & have a decent home gym, so I use that if time is tight & I can't take time to drive to the gym.

  10. From what I read on the subject test levels drop and cortisol levels go up after about 45 minutes of training regardless of the time of rest. IMO keep the actual work out time to about 45 min unless your on something.

  11. For weights I am never over 45 minutes. For boxing/MMA/grappling I am anywhere from 2-3hours.

  12. My warm up routine takes about 15 minutes, and Im probably there about an hour to and hour and 15 after that. Some days ae shorter than others - chest, shoulders, arms dont take too long. Back and legs take a bit longer, because I wait a little longer between sets and excercises.


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