Sarcoplasmic or Myofibrillar hypertrophy what do you want?

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    Sarcoplasmic or Myofibrillar hypertrophy what do you want?

    Just wondering from a bodybuilding standpoint of view, what type of hypertrophy do you want to achieve from your training to get maximum (size/muscle growth)?

    I personally think its best a have the majority of 1 (depending on lifting goal) followed up by the other. But for arguments sake if u could only pick 1 to achieve for maximum muscle growth which 1 would it be??

  2. This is over analyzing man. . .
  3. EctoMeso
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    Quote Originally Posted by Link24 View Post
    This is over analyzing man. . .
    maybe..... still wanted to hear ppls thoughts on it if they had ne... otherwise who cares...

  4. myofibrillar
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  5. same^^^
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  6. Myofibrilar would be more beneficial to a power/strength lifter.

  7. If you're going for the bodybuilding look, sarcoplasmic is more beneficial. Myofibrillar is much more dense than the sarcoplasm so muscles would appear large with equal increases in SPR vs MF


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