Which excercise is better for developing a bigger bicep a heavy standing biceps curl or a seated preacher machine curl? Also i do 5x5 how many sets/reps should i do for this iso?

  2. Unless I missed something, I've always heard that standing bicep curls are better for mass building, and preacher is isolation and more for defining the muscle. If you want bigger biceps do standing barbell curls. That is more effective out of the 2. Bigger arms come from chin ups, rows, deadlifts, and other mass building exercises. BB curls just target the bicep and aid in mass growing specifically to that area. I'm not sure on the rep amount. I usually do 10, 8, 6. Increasing the weight every time.

  3. Personally when it comes to feel, a seated alternating dumbbell curl is what I believe to be the best. It seems it reduces your ability to cheat while still allowing you to work a few more stabilizers than a preacher curl. Just my opinion.

    Ohh yeah you can really focus the weight on different portions of the bicep by reclining the bench a bit too

  4. If you want to use maximum weight (for maximum overload), go with a bar. With a bar you can use more weight.

    I like mixing it up. A bar fixes your wrist in rigid positions while dumbbell exercises allow for you to twist your wrist. Rotate your wrists back and forth and watch your biceps contract. You want to let this happen when you do some of your biceps work because besides from curling the arm, the biceps aids in wrist rotation.

    Mix it up!

  5. i work biceps twice a week, one day i do standing curls with an EZ curl bar, the other i do preachers. i feel they get worked really good when i do preacher dumbell curls with my arms hanging over a swiss ball.



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