i need pec help

  1. i need pec help

    im still fighting the bf% and im gonna wait a while before i use anymore chemical refreshment. im seriously lagging behind in the chest, its strong enough but i need a real shocker routine to throw in once a month or so to get it going. help

  2. right now im just doing basic dropsets of incline , decline , flatbench , and barbell butterflys one week , and real heavy sets of 5-8 the next. im not really getting the burning ultimate crash like i get from my biceps and legs etc.

  3. sorry yellowjacket i just saw your post , i dont know how i missed it ?

  4. there's plenty out there. be creative. if your chest routine is the standard 3 sets of flat bench, incline bb or db, some flys and dips, here are some techniques you could use on your chest or any lagging body parts. (also, your diet increase in calories could help if thats something you're interested in)

    -pre-exhaustion (w/flys or isolated movement)
    -compound supersets (worked well for me) and iso supersets
    -negatives, forced reps, simiply changing up rep scheme, and/or changing the order of your exercises
    -drop sets (i like this with db press)
    -single reps (most ideal with barbell)
    -changin your split where the chest day comes after a rest day (if its already not so) allows you to be a bit more fresh and recovered from whatever part you work before)

    the one i liked to use when trying to get my chest going is cybergenic training....(sorry fellas but here is a link from....cough cough)

    Cybergenics Phase 1 Chest Workout

    Click here for a printable log of this workout!

    2 sets warm-up Bench Press at 35% of your one rep max for 15 - 18 reps.

    Cycle #1C (Do Not Rest Between Exercises)

    Flyes - 80% max to positive failure (until you can't do another rep).
    Dumbell Bench Press - same weight as flyes to positive failure.
    Barbell Bench Press - 50% max to positive and negative failure.
    Flyes - 40% max to positive failure.
    Dumbell Press - same weight as flyes to positive failure.

    Rest then repeat cycle one or two more times.

    Cycle #2C (Do Not Rest Between Exercises)

    Parallel Bar Dips - no weight added to positive failure.
    Incline Bench Press - 70% max to positive and negative failure.

    Rest then repeat cycle one more time.

    Rest between cycles is only 1 minute, or as long as it takes your training partner to complete his cycle.

  5. Could also try GVT, that did burn up my chest nicely, definitely a shocker.



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