Help me...Help my Girlfriend..Experts Needed

  1. Help me...Help my Girlfriend..Experts Needed

    Hey guys, I need some help on this one.

    My girlfriend is 23, and trying to loose a few pounds.

    She has been weight training since she was 12, as she was a competitive swimmer from 6-18. She is an amazing athlete, ie, she kicks my ass in the gym and can sprint/run forever without getting tired.

    She trains regularly and eats per my recommendations.

    Here is the problem, she would like to loose 5-10 pounds (she's at 130 - 5'3).

    She has a lot of muscle mass, especially in her quads from the swimming, ie they bulge out like a bodybuilder.

    What kind of cardio/weight training would you recommend for a girl who is trying to tone her legs especially, however, they and the rest of her grow very easily off of weights.

    Please keep in mind she is very very strong, ie, she can do 20 reps squat, 3x with a plate a side.

    Right now we have her on a 3 day split, 2 sets, 2-3 exercises per part to failure.

    Cardio 4 times per week, light jog.

    She finds running at high speeds makes her loose her boobs.

    thanks guys

  2. boobs will be lost by genetics.....meaning that where fat is lost is not determined by the type of cardio, rather by where each individual's body tells it to (which is not exactly under our control, although some topical solutions are available).

    If her diet is in check, I would first try switching up cardio. It would seem as though she may not be getting results from the current method, but when she tries high intensity she sees losses in here breasts, correct? Breasts are fatty tissue, which is usually a great sign she is losing weight, just maybe not exactly where she wants to.

    I would recommend HIIT cardio for a change, and if she is insistent on "spot-reducing", tell her to try Lipoderm-y by Avant labs with a calorie deficit. Hope that helps some

  3. *needs pics of said gf

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jarconis
    *needs pics of said gf

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