Putting plates under your feet when squatting?

  1. Putting plates under your feet when squatting?

    I see this done all the time...any benefit to doing it?

  2. finally found a thread that mentions it..but most say "its not a good idea" im just wondering what the desired effect is?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lvtrojan
    I see this done all the time...any benefit to doing it?
    You mean weight plates under the heels to elevate them?

    Its only neccessary for people who lack the neccessary flexibility in the Achilles Tendon to squat flat-footed...


  4. Proper form would have the emphasis upon keeping the feet flat and driving with the heels. I try to lift my toes upwards when lifting up to keep the emphasis on my quads/glutes, not my lower back. IMO, I think putting the majority of the weight on your toes/forefoot is bad as it seems to cause the load to shift forward and stress the lumbar region..at least with me.

  5. I think it's supposed to help put stress on your quads more but have always read using plates or a board like that is begging for bad knees.

  6. B&P you are right from my understanding, extra stress on the knees.

  7. It's reasonable to assume that different body types will respond to the differences in leverage/stress in different ways. Guys with short legs can probably get away with it and really hammer their quads well. For me it feels like an impending injury so I go flat.

    Maybe IA or DC can answer this???

  8. From what I've read as well as heard from the powerlifter guys at my gym is to keep your feet flat on the ground - they even advise the use of flatter soled shoes for more 'naturality', also bioman's logic of the stress going to your toes makes sense and it sounds basically like a recipe for eventual injury. Jus my 2 noob cents

  9. A small lift(5 pound plate or smaller) is not always a bad idea. just my opinion and from my experience. When I was powerlifting and I was being trained by a world record holder and a couple of national level people, they had me buy a squatting shoe that had a small lift in the heel(equal to a 2 1/2 pound plate) to change my biomachanics while squatting. It made a huge improvement in the feel of the movement and my strength level. I never had any pain in my knees. I feel as long as you form is correct( sitting back, not having you stance too close, and proper placement of the bar on your back) haveing a small lift can be beneficial if your not able to sit down. Flexabllity does also play a part. My flexabllity was great and it was something they stressed the improtance of. Jsut something to think about, how many guys have you seen squatting in work or logger type boots(they have an elevated heel). Just find what works best for you ,everyone is different.


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