One Body Part Per Workout?

  1. One Body Part Per Workout?

    What's up fellow Americans, I am new to this fourm, I have been around though for a while, on other boards and such, and am familiar with DC training and IA training, I think they are fine styles and I have kind of adapted my own style. I only do one body part per workout. What do you guys all think of that? I know it seems nuts but I workout so intensely that that is all I can muster up. I don't do a separate day for bi's/tri's, I have an arm day. I'd like you guys opinions, this is nice board with a good layout, and you guys seem very smart.

    An example training day would be:

    -DB press 3 sets to absolute failure
    -Up-right row with e-z bar and wide grip 1 set rest pause to failure
    -Lateral Raise 2 sets followed by one static strip set (where I drop the weight and hold it in the contracted part for <30sec.)
    -Rear delt laterals 1 set to failure
    -Shrugs 2 sets (one to failure)

    Then I flex my delts for one minute hard and flex traps for a minute hard.

    Would you guys consider that overtraning?

    I hit traps again and rear delts again on back day. Every day I workout I do at least one static strip set, and always do hard flexing and extreme stretching for certain bodyparts.

    I dead-lift on back day and squat only for legs.

    I train 4 days per week.

    You guys seem to really advocate not overtraining do you think I am?

    I am cutting now, and don't change my lifting style to do so. I am an advanced trainer with 3 years consistent training under my belt. 195lbs 6% BF (calipers)

    Thanks fellow Americans.

  2. Hey bro, I like to keep things simple too. That looks like a descent one, but why are you asking if we think it is overtraining? Are you not adding reps or poundages each week?

    That, IMO, is the only way to tell. If its working, than I would say stick to it until you hit a wall, then change up things a bit. Seems like you gotta good understanding to me, but you're the only one that can tell.

    BTW, how are those EZ bar upright rows treating you? Any better range of movement compared to a regular 7-foot BB?

  3. Actually I am making good gains, but, I was just seeking out what you bros thought, in case anyone thought that was overtraining. I think it is a good intense workload, and if it were too much I was wondering if I could be making better gains. But like you said I am the only one that can tell for myself, so yeah it is working.

    I have been doing the upright rows with the e-z bar for some time now and I feel a much better contraction in my side delts, and much less assitance from my traps, I try and think of the up-right row as the midrange movement for the side delts, I visualize it actually being a very heavy lateral raise, (and for me the e-z bar makes that much easier to do) it has increased the seperation between my three delt heads at the top of my shoulders immensly, I also like doing a very hard stretch/flex afterwards for :30 seconds, and that too has really made some sick striations.

    Thanks and I really like this board.

    BTW if anyone can post some links or articles to Charles Glass I'd appreciate that much.

  4. Sounds good bro.....I'm gonna give them a try when I start those again. Good luck w/ your gains...

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