a little help.

  1. a little help.

    I have been lifting for about a year now. Before that off and on since High School. Strenth is fine, I need to trim the fat. I am 31 about 6" tall, topping about 255lbs. My routine for the past 2 weeks is 20 min. tread mill then I do one body part a day. Chest, back, legs (just 5 min cardio), shoulders then arms. I am right at 20%bf. When I checked it 2 weeks ago. I have lost about 2lbs since. My question is I only have 1hr to work out a day (during my lunch) not counting weekends but I was hoping to keep those off to spead time with wife and son. I drive an hr to work and back each day too. My diet is, well I would say avg. or just above avg. I keep it pretty clean but I just do not eat as many meals a day as I should. I guess the question I want to ask is how would you work out if you have this time frame and wanted to lose fat. Keep in mind right now it is more important for me to loss the fat then adding more muscle. My arms are over 18.5 nonpumped flexed. I was thinking maybe some curcit training but I would like to hear some of your ideas.

  2. Look at threads started by Iron Addict.

  3. First off congrats. 2lbs in 2 weeks is fine, remember small consistent gains (or in your case losses) are the most maintainable.

    I'd contiune with what you are doing, but add a morning fast walk/jog on the weekends, do it before the rest of the house is up and you'll have the whole day to relax.

    Remeber keep the lifting intense high weight, reps. 10-12, that IMHO is as important as cardio. If you are eating 2 hours before bed knock it off you'll take those cals. to sleep with you.

    Good luck, fellow American.

  4. Move your weight workouts to twice a week using any form of HIT, this will help to retain muscle (and gain some) while losing fat. Your cardio move it to three times a week and bump the time up to 40mins+.
    Remember diet is the most important part of losing fat, or building muscle, or anything really.
    Also what cjm said about the morning walk would help you out too.
    Just my suggestions

  5. Sounds to me like what you're doing is getting some results so the question is how to do it better and still have time or more time with family. Here's my thoughts. Cut training back to 45 min to allow for some food intake at lunch, doing just one body part with high intensity and min talking you should be able to get every thing in. Do your cardio in the evening, perhaps this way you can get your family involved as well. Don't know the age of your son but if he's too young to run they got those strollers that are made for this. Benefit: time with family, wife is doing some exercise too, metabolism will get raised twice a day. Lastly, get something in you gut at least every 3-4 hours, no carbs after 6 pm or at least only trace amounts (from veggies).

  6. thanks for the tips guys, I really like the idea of evening cardio with the family. Wife has been wanting to get into it too. She as added some weight these past 6 years since we have been married. Just like I did. It seems to sneak up on you. The son it almost 3 so we can use a walker form him once he gets tried. Yea right, I will be tried before him. I will let you know how it goes the next couple of weeks. Thanks again.

  7. Keep it up Bro, time with the family is even more important than the training, doing both at once... priceless.


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